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Fun.  Charismatic.  Likeable.

You can’t help but smile when Blake’s around, and that down-to-earth approach gets everyone on the dance floor.  He’s learned to keep the energy high and ego low, creating a non-stop party atmosphere without the cheesy or phony tactics.  Blake will become every child’s best friend and every adult’s dancing partner, so no one feels left out.  He’s the ultimate combination of youthful energy and polished experienced for a simply fun celebration.

"I just wanted to tell you that Blake and the dancers did an amazing job, they got everybody out of their chairs and out on the dance floor. Everybody came up to me and told me how great they were ( even my FL cousins, who roll big down there!) Alec had the time of his life."
- The Geis Family
"THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You made our party!!!! Scott's Bar Mitzvah Saturday night was an outstanding success because of you! Seriously! You have so much energy and could really relate to the kids. You got all the kids involved and all the adults moving! Thank you so much!!!"
- The Kahalas Family
"Since it's been a week since Shawn's Bar Mitzvah, I have had plenty of time to reflect on how the evening went. It is no surprise that Blake was amazing. Knowing the wonderful experiences I had for Nicole and Evans B'nai Mitzvahs I felt like I was starting new for Shawn's. Yet, from the planning phase until the end of the party Blake was reassuring, very responsive and very supportive. He made Shawn feel like a king (which is what we would hope for). My guests are still talking about him. Thank you Blake from the bottom of my heart. Now I am done. I want to thank you all for the wonderful work you did for our family. I always said, you can have the party at McDonalds. As long as you have the right DJ, your party is set. Three B'nai Mitzvahs in 4 years is truly a lot. You guys made the process so much easier. So, Thank you, thank you, thank you. Hopefully we'll see you at some other simcha. ( I think I'm done with the showcases, unless you are ready to hire me as your PR person *;) )"
- The Tarloff Family
"Thanks so much to you and your whole team for the fantastic job you did to make Daniella's party such a huge success! We are still getting messages from kids and parents thanking us and saying how amazing it was! We'll be back in 2 years for her graduation!!"
- The Cass Family, Sweet 16
"Blake and the team were fantastic!  I can't say enough what a great job Blake did with everyone -- adults and kids alike.  He kept the party moving, helping to manage and coordinate the entire event.  DJ choices were great and the energy on the dance floor was pitch perfect throughout the night.  He also had great chemistry with the kids -- as did all of the dancers.  We could not have been happier, and Sam had the night of his life!"
- The Echt Family
"I wanted let you know what a FANTASTIC job Blake and the whole crew did at Jake's Bar Mitzvah.  No exaggeration, we are getting compliment after compliment on the job they did; "best party ever", is a common comment.  They kept 50 kids (and a lot of parents) up and dancing all night.  We liked Blake from the moment we met him, hiring him was probably the easiest decision we had to make for the entire Bar Mitzvah, but even with the high expectations we had, he exceeded them. Jake had a awesome night and a big reason for that was Blake."
- The Cyrluk Family
"It was GREAT. Blake was awesome, as well as everyone else. Sadie was so happy, as were all of her friends. I don’t know if you have talked to Blake, but my friends had a GREAT time too! I am so glad it all worked out the way it did and we got Blake, he really made the night so amazing."
- The Keller Family
"Thank you so much for the wonderful, fantastic service of DJ your company provided for us for Zachary's bar mitzvah!  Everything was PERFECT!!!  You were so kind, patient and understanding with our questions.  You took extra time to help us and advise us on the best scenario and it was all wonderful.  Everyone had the BEST time!!!!!  Blake is amazing, as Zach said, he "rocked that party"!"
- The Goldman Family
"I must tell you Blake and the dancers were amazing!!! The party was incredible!  No one left the dance floor which was exactly what we wanted. Jordyn had the time of her life. All the guests had a blast. We couldn't have been happier."
- The Taylor Family
"I want to thank you for the amazing job you did at Jake's Bar Mitzvah on Saturday night.  You and your dancers exceeded my high expectations.  This was the first Bar Mitzvah I've been at where every single kid, even the ones who don't know anyone, were engaged, playing and dancing, every second of the party.  (And your dancers were even nice enough to dance with the drunk adults.)  I plan to reserve you again as soon as I get my daughters date for 2015."
- The Seltzer Family