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Nicholas Suarez a.k.a. DJ Ghost loves to share house music and top-40 remixed selections from his endless library of music. He’s also developed deep roots in hip-hop, pop, and R&B. He originally acquired a set of turntables over half a decade ago, and couldn’t stop using them. Since then, he’s played proms, homecomings, corporate events, fashion shows, nationally televised events and the most prestigious nightclubs in DC.

In 2013, after one of his strongest demos hit the streets, he traded a corporate job as an office manager for his one and only true passion and became a career DJ. He’s made his DJ career by playing in places like the W Hotel’s POV Lounge, Opera, Barcode, Ultrabar, Eden, Lotus, Midtown and the Dirty Bar — just to name a few.

DJ Ghost is always on the lookout for the newest equipment and technology. He’s constantly scouring for the hottest albums and mixes, as well as the hidden gems that give his shows added depth. Whenever he’s not rocking the crowd until the early morning hours, he’s studying technique, and the work of his greatest influences, including Jazzy Jeff, AM, Vice, Flipside, and Enferno.

DJ Ghost is an experienced DJ who spins a wide variety of music, and has a proven track record as a crowd pleaser.