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Washington DC’s very own DJ Garret began his journey into music at an early age. His father, who played lead guitar in a rock band in Europe, was the encouragement that influenced him to learn many instruments growing up. It was during his early teens that he discovered a passion for electronic music that would change his life forever.

At the age of 15, he picked up his first pair of Numark belt-driven turntables. Realizing, he needed to expand and get more use out of his talent, he purchased a pair of Numark CD-players, 4-channel mixer, with a pair of JBL speakers. He then gradually began to market his talents, and was requested to DJ at many birthday parties, High School dances, and a wide range of private events. As the years past, DJ Garret’s “open format” style striked the attention of many which landed him gigs in some of DC’s biggest night clubs such as M.I.A., Current, Josephine, Eden, & Cities.

Gradually, word spread of the skillful combination of music and entertainment that DJ Garret provides. Eventually, he found himself a highly requested performer for international weddings, bars, clubs, and lounges throughout the Dc Metropolitan. Currently, you can find DJ Garret all over the Nation, spinning everything from the hottest house and dance tracks all the way to worlds best international music, igniting the crowd and setting the room on fire!