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Ramzy has quickly created an image for him­self as one of the most ver­sa­tile DJs in the DC area.  DJing for 10+ years now, he loves to pull off live bootlegs & remixes while per­form­ing.  Bring­ing together music from the past 50 years all in one per­for­mance as an open for­mat DJ, DJ Ramzy aims to please & enter­tain every­one at each show.  DJ Ramzy has per­formed along side some of the best names in enter­tain­ment such as Pit­bull, Ludacris, Method­man, Red­man, WuTang Clan, Biz Markie, Slick Rick, and EPMD, earn­ing praises from each!  Expe­ri­ence a DJ Ramzy show for your­self & leave with a smile on your face.