Lighting & Special FX

Why does every concert, nightclub, high-end hotel, and awards show spend so much money on lighting?  Because vision is our most important sense, and dramatic lighting helps to stimulate that sense and  evoke the best emotions.


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Homecoming Setups for Clarksburg

Here are some ideas.

Pin Spot Lighting

Pinspotting allows a narrow, focused beam of light to illuminate just your centerpieces or other focal areas (cable table, cocktail bar) without providing too much ambient light. This is important because you do not want a brightly-lit room for an exciting and elegant celebration. Pinspotting lets you keep the dim atmosphere you want without losing your centerpieces or focal areas, on which you've spent lots of time and money, in the darkness. Your centerpieces will shine and your ambiance will stay festive. Our pinspots are LED, wireless, remote controlled, able to be color-tinted, and riggable from virtually anywhere. This helps keeps labor costs down while the effect remains grand.

LED Twinkle Curtain

A one of a kind effect that will have a dramatic impact on the way your event looks and feels. Our LED Twinkle Curtain creates a shimmering background that can be set to one color, or set to change and cycle throughout your party. Our curtain has been the backdrop for 1000s of incredible photo opportunities!

LED Light Bar Array

As a backdrop or a DJ booth, our swiveling LED array is stunning. Featuring 16 LED bars capable of pixel mapping and 180 degree movement, the brightness, image and text capabilities, and stunning patterns will highlight one of the most important areas of your event.


Laser shows are still very popular, especially with a modern or techy crowd.  We offer green, red, and full-color laser projections, capable of text and image writing, liquid sky, and numerous other effects.  When used with haze and bounce mirrors, lasers can “take over” the event space, surrounding your guests in colored pulses.  Laser shows can be custom created for your event, synchronized with music and other visual elements for a truly immersive experience.

LED Uplighting

Dramatic LED up-lighting adds a vibrant décor element.  We can wash the ballroom’s walls in colored light, or flood the ceiling with subtle elegance.  We offer traditional LED par cans and battery/wireless up lights.  This allows us to change colors during your event, add strobe and chase effects for energy, or a simple gradual fade for ambiance. Using LEDs instead of traditional pars offers several benefits.  First, power consumption is a mere fraction with LEDs, letting you put more fixtures on the same circuit, thereby eliminating the risk of blowing fuses.  Moreover, color-matching can be attained with the push of a button rather than needing several different colored gels.  Lastly, LED fixtures emit virtually no heat, whereas halogen bulbs get very hot. Up-lighting is an incredibly effective lighting concept because it allows you to turn the house lights down without it being too dark; add to your theme by incorporating colored light instead of standard halogen fixtures; and adds a beautiful glow to any pictures taken during the event.

Confetti Cannons

Like our CO2 jets, confetti cannons offer a spontaneous cascade of colored confetti and streamers for a dramatic impact.  We offer remote-controlled cannons, free-flowing confetti machines, or smaller handheld launchers.  This effect is perfect for a grand finale or climatic moment at any event.

Moving CO2 Jets

You’ve seen them at the hottest concerts and coolest sporting events, now bring them to your special event.  We have several powerful CO2 jets that can actually swing 180 degrees for a visual effect unlike anything else.  CO2 jets create a safe yet vibrant stream of carbon dioxide for a rapid burst of excitement.  Use these for climatic moments at your event, a grand entrance, or unveiling.  The spontaneity and visual impact creates the jaw-dropping “wow” factor. Our jets can be ground mounted or rigged in the air for complete coverage.

Search Lights

Having a Hollywood theme, grand opening, or just want to attract attention?  We offer several searchlight capabilities to “scan the sky” in bright lighted beams.

Custom Gobo Projections

A gobo is basically a laser-etched stencil that, when used with a particular lighting fixture, can project that image in light.  We can project your event or company’s logo on any surface, or our designers can create something unique for you.  We offer both steel and full-color glass gobos. Consider using textured or themed patterns to change the landscape of your event space.  This effect is particularly useful for tented events.

Intelligent Lighting

Automated lighting fixtures are a staple in the special event and production world.  Versatile, dramatic, dynamic.  We offer dozens of various automated fixtures and complete lighting design to take your event to the next level. Traditional moving heads offer multiple colors and gobo patterns with virtually 360 degree movement.  Our fixtures include rotating gobos, prism effects, and varying irises for complete control.  Moreover, our fixtures utilize all LED lighting, providing the most “green” lighting set in the industry. We also offer LED Beam lights for a bright, precise, and narrow visual effect.  When used in multiples, these beam lights provide a very dramatic stage effect. To mount our lighting fixtures, we offer several truss configurations, including both box and circle trussing.  We have junctions in various shapes and sizes to achieve almost any configuration.  Let our lighting designers show you how innovation and creativity can make a difference.