Dance Floors

Everyone wants their guests on the dance floor and not at the tables, yet most people neglect the most important area in the room.  Enhancing your dance floor will make it look and feel more inviting, elevating the excitement of your party.

We offer several innovative dance floor options, including all white or black dance floors, checkerboard dance floors, an LED dance floor, twinkle dance floor, and even custom designed dance floors with your logo or theme.


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LED Dance Floor

Our gorgeous LED dance floor can display your logos, colors and favorite patterns in brilliant colors. Our LED dance floor is one of a kind!

White Dance Floor

Our white dance floors look great as the centerpiece of your space. They stand out, reflect light amazingly, and can even be customized with a logo.

Black and White Checkerboard Dance Floor

A picture speaks a thousand words. Add a touch of class with this stunning black and white checkerboard floor.

White Starlit Twinkle Dance Floor

Our stunning starlit dance floor is a brilliant polished white, with hundreds of twinkling, controllable LEDs embedded in it. Our dance floor has white LEDs, and RGB twinkles too.