Furniture & Decor

Atmosphere is everything.  We can help transform virtually any venue into the dream vision your event deserves.  From draping and backdrops to ceiling treatments and staging, décor adds not only visual excitement but can also become part of a comprehensive theme.  To really create an elegant and modern club feel, consider beautiful lounge furniture, complete with colored accents.  When combined with décor elements, chic lounge furniture can provide a visually stunning alternative to traditional event seating.


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Draping can transform a room unlike any other décor element.  Whether you choose to drape the entire room, a portion of the room as a backdrop, or accents along the walls, draping can add visual cohesion to your event’s theme or concept.  From classic black and white draping, to fun colors like pinks, purples, and greens, we have several options to achieve your desired look. For Weddings, consider our "Fairy Tale Wall." This illuminated backdrop looks like fireworks cascading behind your sweetheart table, cake table, or anywhere else you want to put it. Not only does it add to the aesthetics of your room and highlight a special section, it also looks great in photos!

VIP Carpet Entrances and Step & Repeat

Red carpet runners with ropes and stanchions make your guests feel like a VIP!  We can add a custom-designed Step & Repeat backdrop for pictures as guests arrive, just like you’d see at the popular awards shows. Working with a color theme?  Try something different with a colored carpet entrance.  We have carpet runners in white, black, pink, or virtually any color!

Ceiling Treatments

Too often clients focus their décor solely from the ground up, leaving empty space in the air.  Consider our various ceiling treatment options for a comprehensive look and one that keeps your guests’ eyes moving!  That’s the key to successful décor. LED string lights can be hung magnetically in clusters or randomly placed to add illuminated to the ceiling.  These are typically hung above the dance floor, but can also be hung above tables as “floating” centerpieces or to accentuate other décor. We also offer strands of globe string lighting in a variety of colors.  This classic visual effect can provide warmth and ambiance and is perfect for a romantic event.  Consider pushing the envelope a bit and swap out standard soft white bulbs with colored bulbs, like pink or teal to add to your color theme. Oversized balloons or Chinese lanterns hung from the ceiling adds a slight “wow” factor without blowing the bank.  When suspended at various heights and sizes, balloons and lanterns add an extra element of depth to the room’s overall décor.

Dance Platforms and Stages

We can accent the dance floor with elevated LED dance stages.  This provides an illuminated platform for your guests to dance “above the crowd” and be seen, or simply provide added height for speeches or toasts.  Moreover, we offer traditional staging and risers in several configurations.

DJ and Stage Sets

They say first impressions are the most important. The first thing most guests see when they enter your event’s main room will be the DJ and/or stage set, so don’t let it disappoint.  We offer several DJ Booth and stage set capabilities to set the tone for the entire event, or can create something custom for you. LED Xtreme Moving LED Array As a backdrop or a DJ booth, our swiveling LED array is stunning.  Featuring 16 LED bars capable of pixel mapping and 180 degree movement, the brightness, image and text capabilities, and stunning patterns will highlight one of the most important areas of your event. Illuminate DJ Booth Our black and white spandex DJ booths are backlit with LED fixtures, providing a colored glow to your DJ booth.  Both static colors and dynamic color changes are available. LED Grid DJ Booth Measuring 4’ tall by 6’ wide, this DJ booth combined white plexiglass with pixel-mappable LED clusters for a visual effect rivaling Studio 54.  We have complete control over colors and patterns to achieve virtually any desired look. Custom DJ Booths and Stage Set Designs You are only limited by your creativity, or let one of our event designers take your vision and bring it to life.  Combining lighting, video, backdrops, staging, and special effects, our stage sets transform the ordinary into extraordinary.  Even basic conferences or seminars can be more exciting with some stage design, and we can incorporate your company’s mission or event’s theme.


One of the hottest trends in event décor, modern lounge furniture provides a chic, comfortable, and casual way for guests to sit and mingle. Not only is lounge furniture functional and cool, it’s also visually stunning and elegant. We offer rectangular benches with chrome accents, several serpentine pieces with and without backs, ottomans, coffee tables and end tables, and illuminated Lucite high-top cocktail tables. Our lounge furniture packages included theme-colored accents like pillows, area rugs, lamps, and décor and because our furniture is modular, virtually any configuration is possible.


Dramatic LED up-lighting adds a vibrant décor element.  We can wash the ballroom’s walls in colored light, or flood the ceiling with subtle elegance.  We offer traditional LED par cans and battery/wireless up lights.  This allows us to change colors during your event, add strobe and chase effects for energy, or a simple gradual fade for ambiance. Using LEDs instead of traditional pars offers several benefits.  First, power consumption is a mere fraction with LEDs, letting you put more fixtures on the same circuit, thereby eliminating the risk of blowing fuses.  Moreover, color-matching can be attained with the push of a button rather than needing several different colored gels.  Lastly, LED fixtures emit virtually no heat, whereas halogen bulbs get very hot. Up-lighting is an incredibly effective décor concept because it allows you to turn the house lights down without it being too dark; add to your theme by incorporating colored light instead of standard halogen fixtures; and adds a beautiful glow to any pictures taken during the event.